Bodh Gaya Heritage Walk: 24th December, 2022

The objective of the heritage walk organised on the 24th of December, 2022 under the joint auspices of Bihar Heritage Development Society, Patna and INTACH Gaya Chapter at the Bodh Gaya Math was to convey the historicity and socio – cultural significance of this monastery to the new generation and the need for its conservation and preservation. The walk was attended by 35 people from all walks of life.  Bodh Gaya Math was established in 1590 by Swami Ghamandigiri. It was established when the Mahabodhi temple had been already erased from the memory of the people and the maintenance of the temple premises was their duty. Dr. Manish Sinha, the Convener of INTACH Gaya Chapter and Dr Bijoy Kumar Choudhary, Executive Director, Bihar Heritage Development Society, Patna played an important role in organising this heritage awareness walk. The walk was conducted by Dr. Amit Ranjan, Research Assistant at BHDS and Dr. Arvind Mahajan, retired deputy director of State Museum, an archaeologist and history expert.

At the onset, Dr. Arvind Mahajan spoke about the iconography, historical and religious importance of the Pala sculptures of Pala exhibited at the monastery. The notable sculptures were of Barhadari Devi, Annapurna Mata, Lord Vishnu, Ganesh and Lord Buddha. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha ‘Ravi’, the co – convenor of INTACH, Gaya Chapter said that not only in Gaya or Bihar, Bodh Gaya Math holds importance all over the country as it has witnessed multiple historical events.