Heritage Walk May, 2022

Bihar Heritage Development Society (BHDS) has organized a heritage walk on the 8th of May, 2022 to create awareness amongst the locals and students of Patna women’s college about the medieval structures in the city which have been a distinguishing feature of the history and heritage of Patna. The trail commenced from Takht Harmandir, Patna, then proceeded towards Khwaja Ambar Mosque and ended at Mir Ashraf Mosque. The walk was led by Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, Former Director of Khuda Baksh Oriental Library. The participants were introduced to the history and architectural style and features of each monument. At the onset Dr Bijoy Chaudhary, Executive Director, BHDS introduced the aim of conducting such walks. Dr Ahmed threw light on the architectural style. The influence of Mughal architecture in the form of domes arches and Jharokhas is visible. Khwaja Ambar Mosque was the second destination. The mosque was built in the early eighteenth century. Walk culminated at Mir Ashraf’s Mosque which is undoubtedly the most beautiful mosque in Patna. It was built in 1773 – 74 by a local trader named Mir Ashraf. Officials of Archaeological Survey of India, Patna Circle and Takht Harmandir Sahib participated in the walk.