Other Activities

Documentation of Folktales: Bihar is a rich repository of folktales. The languages and dialects of the province such as Maithili, Bhojpuri, Magahi, Bajjika, Angika and those prevalent in small tribal pockets have a variety of folktales. These tales not only reflect the society and culture of the different regions of Bihar, but provide evidence for reconstructing their histories. BHDS has initiated the process of documenting these folktales with the help of the Language Academies and other such agencies. A few pilot projects covering the above- mentioned languages and dialects have already been completed and 98 folktales in different languages and dialects have so far been collected.

GI Registration:BHDS has initiated the process of facilitating the GI registration of the ethnic sweets of Bihar such as Tilkut(Gaya), Khaja(Silao) and Laddoo(Maner).  Different stake-holders have been identified and brought into an active contact with BHDS. The documentation of Silaokhaja has been completed for the purpose of submitting the application.